Six (6) UXO Found on Thu 23 APR 2020 by Team 5

EOD 5 responded to a call-out in Khnar Village, Kantout Commune, Svay Leu District of Siem Reap Province where they found five Chinese 60 mm type 27 mortars and one Chinese 80 mm type 56 B 40 launcher. All items were safe to move.

One Hundred (100) UXO Found on Tue 21 APR 2020 by Team 3

EOD 3 responded to a call-out in Te Chourmorokot Village, Morokot Commune, Choamksant District of Preah Vihear Province where they found four 81 mm HE M 374 mortars made in the USA, sixty-seven 60 mm HE model 49 mortars also made in the USA, and twenty-nine Pai 4 M fuzes made in the USSR. All items were safe to move.

UXO Information Shared on Tue 21 APR 2020 by Team 4

This is a poster which shows the types of mines found in Cambodia. They basically fall into two categories. One category is Anti Personal Mines – mines whose purpose is to explode and take down human limbs or lives. The second category is Anti Tank Blast Mines – mines which take out vehicles and the human lives inside them.

Keep in mind that these photos are showing, for the most part, what these items would look like when they were first manufactured. As you look through all of the posts on this website, you will see that weather and age have greatly affected that view.

This is the type of poster we share with anyone to whom we are giving a Mine Risk Education session. During this session the participants are shown what they are to be on the lookout for, how to mark the location for rediscovery when bringing back an official, and how to notify the local authorities who then notify us to come and help dispose of the item/s.

One of the more recent additions to the MRE sessions has been sharing information on the dangers of the COVID-19 virus. Posters are tacked up to show people ways to stay safe and clean by washing hands.

This is what we do!