Three (3) UXO Found on Thu 23 JAN 2020 by Team 2

EOD 2 responded to a call-out in Ampil Village, Kraing Village, Russey Lak Commune, Chi Kraeng District of Siem Reap Province, and in Ta Say Village, Trea Commune, Staung District of Kampong Thom Province where they found three Chinese items all of which were safe to move. They found two 60 mm type 27 mortars, and one 82 mm type 30 mortar.

Five (5) UXO Found on Wed 22 JAN 2020 by Team 3

EOD 3 responded to a call-out in Trapeang Bei Village, Preah Pralay Commune, Trapeang Brasat District of Oddar Meanchey Province where they found two Czechoslovakian 81 mm HE model IKX-51 mortars, one 40/80 mm HEAT PG 2 grenade launcher made in the USSR and two Chinese M6 fuzes. All items were safe to move.