Fact For Today – 30/04/18 – End of the Month (EOM) Report

On April 29, 2018, Aki Ra, founder of Cambodian Self Help Demining Group (CSHD), visited the minefield to review the deminers’ End of the Month (EOM) findings. They were ending mine clearance in Tropang Run Village, and moving to Dong Pha Av Village, Pong Ror Kroam Commune.

The results were a total area of 22,572 square meters returned to safe usage, 4 Anti-personnel mines, 6 UXO, and 2,010 fragments found and disposed of!

In the photograph are Aki Ra on the left, and Naroth, the medic who has been with the CSHD team for about 8 years.

UXO Found on Monday 30/04/18 by Team 3

EOD#3 Mortar 82mm HE Type 30 China x 1 Safe To Move

Anses Village Choam Khsant Choam Khsant Preah Vihear

This mortar was discovered by a local citizen who then marked his find and reported it to the police. They in turn notified CSHD who then sent out EOD Team 3. Team 3 identified the mortar and


Notice in the second picture how he made his temporary marker in order to remember where in the tall grass he had originally found the object? This is one of the things which is taught in an MRE session.

Fact For Today – 29/04/18 – Bounding Mines

Today, EOD Team 5 had the task of disposing of 3 “Bounding (Anti-personnel) Mines“, sometimes also called a “Bouncing Betty”. While they may look like a harmless tin can, they can actually be lethal. Once buried in the dirt and covered, a trip wire can be attached, or a plunger for a trigger. When activated,  a small amount of explosive inside shoots the ordnance about 1 meter (3 – 4 feet) into the air. It then explodes, shooting shrapnel out at waist height with a range of over 400 feet.  I think you can picture the damage it could do.

UXO Found on Sunday 29/04/18 by Team 3

EOD #3 AP/ Mine Bounding 60mm Model 69 China x 3 Safe To Move

Anses Village Choam Khsant Choam Khsant Preah Vihear

The sharp eyes of this local citizen detected this cache of bounding mines hidden in the ground or within a bunch of branches. Fortunately, he knew that they were not tin cans, but made a call to the local police who in turn called CSHD. EOD Team 4 then went, examined and

BLEW THEM UP in a safe location!

UXO Found on Saturday 28/04/18 by Team 5

EOD5 responded to 1 request

Recoilless 75mm heat type 52 China X 1 Unsafe to move

mortar 60mm type 27 China safe to move.

At Tasiem Village Tasiem Comune Svay Lure District Siem Reap Province.

Items which are determined to be safe to be moved are moved to another area prior to being blown up. Items which are determined to be unsafe to move are blown up where they are found.

UXO Found on Saturday 28/04/18 by Team 3

EOD#3 Mortar 100 mm HE Model 71 China x 1 Safe To Move

Robonh Village Morokot Commune Choam Khsant Preah Vihear

Once the lush, green vegetation dried up, the large rust-orange object was determined NOT to be a pumpkin. Instead, it was a Chinese made mortar round. A call to the police was followed by a call to CSHD. EOD Team 3 went to examine and determine where it needed to be blown up.

And they blew it up!

UXO Found on Saturday 28/04/18 by Team 2

EOD#2 Rocket 85mm. PG-7 (USSR) = 2

បាក់ផ្កា តាយ៉ែក សូទ្រនិគម សៀមរាប

Mine Risk Education (MRE) sessions are given to show explosives as they might have been hidden for many years. What might look like a harmless, dusty tree root could actually be a deadly Soviet made rocket.

UXO Found on Friday 27/04/18 by Team 5

EOD#5 We found: Artillery 76mm BR354P (USSR) × 2, POMZ- 2× 1, Small arm × 2.

Svaysor Village, Svaysor Commune, Varin District, Siem Reap Province.

It looks like a former landmine victim reported finding several UXO in the field. The police then contacted the CSHD EOD Team 5 who then removed and destroyed the UXO.

UXO Found on Friday 27/04/18 by Team 3

EOD#3 Rifle Grenade 54mm HE Model Unknown Vietnam x 1 Recoiled 82mm HEAT Bk 881 USSR x 1 Safe To Move

Charbroiled Lech Chhaeb Mouy Chhaeb Preah Vihear

Sharp eyes of a local citizen allowed him to see portions of a rifle grenade sticking out of the ground.  A call to the police and the CSHD EOD Team 3 was contacted to remove and destroy the UXO.

UXO Found on Friday 27/04/18 by Team 2

EOD#2 Rifle grenade 54mm. Unknown (Vietnam) = 1

ភូមិ កំព្រហ្ម ឃុនរាម បន្ទាយស្រី សៀមរាម  Phum Phum Khun Rum, Banteay Srey, Siem Reap

A local citizen noticed this UXO lurking in a spot near the area he was trying to get ready to plant. A call to the police gave a call to EOD Team 3 who responded, finding that it was indeed an actual rifle grenade. They then BLEW IT UP!