Eighteen (18) UXO Found on WED 05 MAY 2021 by Team 3

EOD 3 responded to a call-out in Antel Village, Yeang Commune, Choamksant District of Preah Vihear Province where they found four Chinese 82 mm HE type 30 mortars, nine Chinese 60 mm HE type 27 mortars, two 82 mm HEAT unknown model recoilless, one Polish 68 mm PGN 60 HEAT rifle grenade, one 122 mm HE OF 462 artillery made in the USSR, and one 306 mm TM 46 anti-tank mine made in the USSR.

Two (2) UXO Found on WED 05 MAY 2021 by Team 2

EOD 2 responded to a call-out in Boeung Mealea Village, Boeung Mealea Commune, Svay Leu District of Siem Reap Province and in Prey Sramach Village, Kampong Khleang Commune, Sot Nikum District, Siem Reap Province where they found two Chinese 60 mm type 27 mortars.

Thirty-six (36) UXO Found on TUE 04 MAY 2021 by Team 5

EOD 5 responded to a call-out in Pour Chas Village, Beng Commune, Banteay Ampil District of Oddar Meanchey Province where they found seven Chinese 80 mm type 56 B-40 launchers, six 70 mm type 67 rifle grenades, one 85 mm PG 7 rocket made in the USSR, one Chinese 62 mm B 62 rocket, seven Chinese 48 mm M 73 hand grenades, four Chinese 60 mm type 27 mortars, one Chinese 120 mm model 33 mortar, one 75 mm M 309 recoilless made in the USA, one Chinese 48 mm model 82-1 handgrenade, one Chinese 60 mm type 69 AP mine, six B 40 propellants, and 5 kg of small arms.