And now it is time for a short break…

You may have noticed that recently there have been fewer posts on a daily basis. Part of this is due to the fact that Cambodia is now in the “rainy season” when rain is an almost daily occurrence. It starts out slow, speeds up, pours for a short time, then stops. While this raises the humidity, it also adds to difficult access to areas where UXO are being reported as the roads become very muddy and movement is slowed. However, the rains also can wash out the dirt from buried ordnance creating new finds.

We are now entering the 15 day Pchum Ben season here in Cambodia. Our entire CSHD and EOD teams had been working through their last 5 day break in order to have two well-deserved weeks off during this special period.

They will resume work after the end of Pchum Ben – Sept. 28.

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