UXO Found on Friday 27/04/18 by Team 3

EOD#3 Rifle Grenade 54mm HE Model Unknown Vietnam x 1 Recoiled 82mm HEAT Bk 881 USSR x 1 Safe To Move

Charbroiled Lech Chhaeb Mouy Chhaeb Preah Vihear

Sharp eyes of a local citizen allowed him to see portions of a rifle grenade sticking out of the ground.  A call to the police and the CSHD EOD Team 3 was contacted to remove and destroy the UXO.

UXO Found on Friday 27/04/18 by Team 2

EOD#2 Rifle grenade 54mm. Unknown (Vietnam) = 1

ភូមិ កំព្រហ្ម ឃុនរាម បន្ទាយស្រី សៀមរាម  Phum Phum Khun Rum, Banteay Srey, Siem Reap

A local citizen noticed this UXO lurking in a spot near the area he was trying to get ready to plant. A call to the police gave a call to EOD Team 3 who responded, finding that it was indeed an actual rifle grenade. They then BLEW IT UP!

Mine Risk Education Given on Thursday 26/04/18 by Team 5

EOD#5 MRE អប់រំនៅសាលាបឋមសិក្សាតាពេញឃុំខ្នងភ្នំស្រុកស្វាយលើខេត្តសៀមរាបដោយមានការស្នើសុំពីអធិការស្រុកស្វាយលើ

Education in Ta Phum Primary School, Backhong Commune, Svay Leu District, Siem Reap Province by the request of the district Police Chief Svay Leu

The Police Chief had requested an MRE session for the young students of the school to help them assess any UXO they might find.  The more the boys and girls know about these dangers, they less likely they will be to “play” with the objects rather than to report them for disposal.


UXO Found on Thursday 26/04/18 by Team 2

EOD#2 ពលរដ្ឋបានរាយការណ៍និងប្រគល់ កាំភ្លើងAK47មួយ ប៉ោយស្មាច់ តាយ៉ែក សូទ្រនិគម សៀមរាប

Citizens report and hand over AK47 rifles

Pokpheap and Sot Nikom Siem Reap

That’s right! While sauntering along in the jungle, a citizen noticed a shape which, upon closer inspection, was NOT just a twisted vine or root. It was an AK 47.

The CSHD office was called and EOD team members went out to pick it up!


UXO Found on Wednesday 25/04/18 by Team 3

EOD#3 Bomblet 64mm BLU 26 Frag USA x 1 Unsafe To Move

Siem Pang Sekong Siempang Steung Treang

Another “bomblet”. When I first heard the term I thought that was a cute name to give a baby bomb. But then I realized that it was not so cute after all. It was part of a huge clutch of 200 or more babies inside the mother bomb, all intent to carry out their mission of destruction and injury.

We find the ones who failed their mission.

Look at the photos closely and you will see that some “dried, clumps of mud or shriveled up oranges” are dangerous!


UXO Found on Wednesday 25/04/18 by Team 5

EOD#5 MORTAR 60mm HE type27 {CHINA} = 2 safe to move

ទីតាំងគ្រាប់នៅវាលស្រែឃើញដោយប្រជាពលរដ្ធគាត់ជីកក្ដាម ត្រាវបាក់ តាយ៉ែក សូទ្រនិគម សៀមរាប

EOD5 responded 1 request mortar 60mm type27 made in China

It was found by a villager when he was going to the rice fields. As he was digging a crab hole he found a bomb, not a crab!

Mine Risk Education Given on Tuesday 24/03/18 by Team 2

EOD#2 MRE ភូមិ ត្រាវបាក់ តាយ៉ែក សូទ្រនិគម សៀមរាប

Tao Batrai Village, Sotnikom Siem Reap

After making sure the area had been cleared and the found object disposed of, the EOD team held an impromptu Mine Risk Education session. Explanations were given as to what to watch for and what to do if something is found. The people were given notebooks covered with photos of objects to be looking for. Photographs of more items were passed around. The photos show items as they were when brand new as well as what they might look like now after 30-40 years in the elements. You can see the photo sheets passed around.

UXO Found on Tuesday 24/04/18 by Team 5

EOD#5 -AP.MINE 60mm type 69 {CHINA} = 1 -MORTAR 60mm type 27 {CHINA} = 1 -ROCKET 85mm PG-7 {USSR} = 1 unsafe to move

តាពេញ ខ្នងភ្នំ ស្វាយលើ សៀមរាប  Ta Mao Svay District, Siem Reap

Munition items can be found in open fields, when digging holes in the ground for crops, in the forest/jungle areas. When they find them, they contact the police, the folks who contact us. We then dispose of them.

This seems to be happening now on a regular basis!