UXO Found on Sunday, 1 APR 2018 by Team 3

EOD#3 AP/Mines Static PPM 2 124 mm Germany x 16 Safe To Move

Sen Rung Roeung 4 Morokot Choam Khsant Preah Vihear

These are 16 landmines which the farmers found as they were plowing their fields to get ready for planting. As they found them they would sometimes stack them on a tree stump!

PLEASE help keep these guys in the field.

No one else is gonna do it….

B. Morse


UXO Found on Sunday 18/02/18 by Team 5

OD#5 RECOILLESS 82mm HEAT TYPE 65 = 2 { China} ROCKET 85mm HEAT PG-7 {USSR} = 3 MORTAR 120mm HE MODEL-33 = 3{China} MORTAR 82mm type 30 = 4 {China} RIFLE GRENADE 70mm type 67 {China} = 2 TOTAL = 14 High risk levels

តាសៀម តាសៀម ស្វាយលើ សៀមរាប កំរិតនៃហានិភ័យខ្ពស់

Siem Reap Siem Reap, Svay Rieng, Siem Reap