UXO Found on Mon 29 OCT 2018 by CSHD/EOD 1

Cambodian Self Help Demining Group has two parts. One is comprised of the men and women working in a known mine area who comprise the CSHD Mine Action Working Group. There are also 5 groups known as our Explosive Ordnance Disposal teams. Each team is made up of 4 individuals. ALL 4 have had extensive training and the knowledge of how to dispose of UneXploded Ordnance (UXO) they may find. The “finds” are usually made by the villagers in areas outside of the known working field. They can be found out in the open, hidden beneath the canopy of the jungle, or next to buildings or inside homes when the villages mistakenly take them home as “unusual finds” or possible metal to resell. The members of EOD Group 1 do double duty as they also work the minefield for almost one month at a time. The members of EOD Group 4 do double duty as they are also the Office Staff for the CSHD operation.

ALL of the members of the CSHD family are Cambodians with a love of their country and a deep desire to rid it of the horrifying history of the past.

Land mines and UXO
Which the Mine Action Working Group discovered
O Smach village mine.

ប្រភេទគ្រាប់មីន និងUXO


ចំការមីន ភូមិអូរស្មាច់ .

No country of origin given.