UXO Found on Thu 16 MAY 2019 by Team 3

EOD 3 responded to a call-out in Sen Techeas Village, Morokort Commune, Choam Ksant District of Preah Vihear Province where they found one Chinese 60 mm HE type 27 mortar, one Chinese 40/80 mm HEAT B 40 grenade launcher,one Chinese 70 mm type 67 grenade rifle,one Chinese 85 mm HEAT type 65 rocket, and two Chinese 82 mm HEAT unknown type recoilless. Lots of these were lost in trees which then grew around them.

Community Help Given Local Citizens by CSHD and EOD Team #1

Earlier this year, CSHD Team #1 was working in the minefield in Steung Thmey Village, Bramaoy Commune, Veal Veng District of Pursat Province. There the team saw the problems and difficulties faced by the local citizens. The province is suffering from a shortage of drinking water. They also are short on labor. So, during their spare time, members of Team #1 helped these people in need who were harvesting corn near they minefield. They helped to husk the dried corn as well as transport and distribute water to these people. Examples of additional things the members of CSHD do to help their fellow Cambodian citizens!

The Deminers are inspected regularly – The Debriefing

On 4 March, 2018, CMAA QA Section came to monitor and evaluate EOD operation

ក្រុមការងារអាជ្ញាធរមីន ចុះមកវាយតម្លៃ និងត្រួតពិនិត្យគុណភាពដី ជាលទ្ធផលល្អ ៕

ALL of our CSHD and EOD team members have gone through extensive courses and training on international standards of weapons removal.

They are required to be regularly inspected by the Cambodian Mine Action Authority (CMAA).

These photos show the CMAA teams getting the same type of typical team briefings the deminers  give each other before they start working. They also show the conditions in the field faced by the deminers working to rid their country of objects of destruction.

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Visit by Mine Action Authority on Thursday 18/01/18

ចំការមីន.. ថ្ងៃនេះក្រុមការងារអាជ្ញាធរមីន ដឹកនាំដោយលោក Chum Sopheap បានមកកាន់ចំការមីនដើម្បីត្រួតពិនិត្យ និងជួយសម្របសម្រួលដល់ដំណើរការបោសសំអាតមីន !
Mine Field Today, the Mine Action Authority Team
by Mr. Chum Sopheap
came to field to monitor and facilitate the mine clearance process.