UXO Found on Sunday 13/05/18 by Team 3

EOD#3 Grenade Launcher 40/80mm HEAT PG 2 USSR x 1 Safe To Move

Sen Techeas Village Morokot Commune Choam Khsant Preah Vihear

A stroll in the country on a beautiful Sunday morning.

And your little boy finds this.

We blow this stuff up.
Before it blows up your little one.

And you can help.

No one else is gonna do it…

UXO Found on Saturday 12/05/18 by Team 2

EoD#2 Hand grenade 58mm RGD5 (USSR) × 1 Hand grenade 48mm Model 82-2 (China) Artillery 76mm APC – HE-T BR-350 (USSR) × 1 Launcher 80mm B-40 (China)×1

មានប្រសិទ្ធភាព ភូមិពង្រមួយ ពង្រក្រោម ជីក្រែង សៀមរាប  Effective Pagoda, Phareung Krom, Siem Reap


UXO Found on Friday 11/05/18 by Team 2

EOD#2 Rocket 122mm 9M22U × 1 (USSR) Mortar 82mm Type30 × 1 (China) Mortar 60mm Type27 × 1 (China)

តាអុង ល្វែងឬស្សី ជីក្រែង សៀមរាប មានប្រសិទ្ធភាព

Mine Risk Education Given on Friday 11/05/18 by Team 3

EOD#3 MRE Veal Para Villge Srae Sambo Siem Pang Steung Treang

Instruction and information was given to the students of this school both inside and outside of the classroom. The students had a chance to practice making markings to show where they had found a UXO so that they could report it and return to the same place.

UXO Found on Thursday 10/05/18 by Team 2

EOD#2 Rocket 85mm PG 7 = 22 (USSR) Launcher 80mm PG 2 = 4 (USSR) Launcher 80mm B40 = 6 (China) Launcher 70mm model 1 = 1 (Vietnam) Hand grenade 55mm F-1 = 1 (USSR) Mortar 82mm Type30 = 6 (China)

ថ្មី គោកធ្លកក្រោម ជីក្រែង សៀមរាប New Kouk Prek Kek Krok Kreng Siem Reap

They discovered a large quantity of UXO in the dirt in the hillside. Check out the last photo. It shows the crater left after


UXO Found on Wednesday 09/05/18 by Team 3

EOD#3 BOMB GPLD 1000Lb 356mm MK 83 US x 1 Safe To Move

Yang Sum Thom Thmor Kev Seim Pang Stueng Treang

Lying in the stream, just laying back and letting the cool waters flow, is how this 1000 pound bomb has spent its past 35 or more years. No longer will this be true, however, as it was discovered, reported, moved and disposed of by Team 2. Team 2 had a lot of help getting the big bomb out of the water and into the truck.

Fact For Today – Wednesday 09/05/18 – UXOs from Finding to Disposal

The EOD Teams of CSHD (Explosive Ordnance Demolish – Cambodia Self Help Demining) are like the EMT (Emergency Medical Technicians AKA Ambulance Crews) of the United States. When an accident occurs the EMT group travels out immediately to manage the incident and make lives safe. For the EOD Teams the call comes in and they also make an immediate response.

I asked my question about the steps for a UXO from being found through its disposal to Mr. Chhun Bora, the Training Officer and EOD Supervisor.  He has been with CSHD for 4 years.

This is his answer:

When a villager had found something they think is an explosives then they mark by normal sign and report to Chief of Village or police post/station. After that Police will call request to CSHD office or EOD team. The EOD team when receives the information does not delay and must make an Emergency response.